R. Kelly ‘Black Panties’ Album Release Date Revealed

R. Kelly’s 12th studio album “Black Panties” has a release date. It will come sooner than expected.

Few weeks ago Mr. Kelly stated that the new project would be released in December but a new photo posted online by the R&B music icon seems to suggest that “Black Panties” will be dropping on November 11.

The “My Story” singer spent the last two weeks in Atlanta promoting the new record.

The release will be interesting to follow in the sense that it raises a question: can R. Kelly at age 46 top the charts like he used to with an album titled “Black Panties”?

We will begin to have answers on November 11.


R. Kelly sees himself as an underdog with the release of his twelfth studio album “Black Panties” that will be available on November 11.

Mr. Kelly who has been in the game for over 20 years says that his new album will prove the doubters wrong.

At a listening party for the project in Atlanta over the weekend, Kelly told a select group:

“I’m more focused than ever, because, much like the guy when he catch the football, he runs – and that’s what I’ve got. I feel like I’ve got that ball in my hands still, and I’m still running. So my story is all of this: sex, money, broke, women, clubs and even church. It’s all of those things, mixed up into one. I’m not afraid of it. I understand that it is the nature of life. This gift I have is a beautiful disease, and I’m glad I got it.”

RevoltTV caught the whole session on tape, you can check it out below. A song called “Sex Genius” can also be heard after the jump.