Michael Jackson ‘I Am A Loser’ (Listen)

An unreleased song by Michael Jackson called ‘I Am A Loser’ has surfaced on the internet.

The king of pop’s blogger Damien Shields shared the back story on the song by explaining that the late star was inspired by his friend and longtime collaborator Brad Buxer who in January of 2003, split from his girlfriend and was heard screaming in Las Vegas hotel room “I am a loser”.

Shields wrote:

“Buxer, who was going through a breakup at the time, was awake late one night. Upset about the breakup, he was pacing around his room repeating, “I’m a loser! I’m just a loser!.Before long Jackson, who could hear Buxer through the wall, knocked on his door and came in and asked, “What’s the problem?.“Oh I’m a loser…” answered Buxer, before explaining his situation.“Let’s write a song about it,” suggested Jackson.

You can listen to the unfinished demo below.